How to write a compelling About Us page

How to write a compelling About Us page

Clients who opt to visit your website will doubtlessly check your About Us page first if they’ve never used you before. This page will hold a general body of information that gives your potential client a general overview of what you do and how proficient you are in doing it.

Getting a good idea of what information forms a compelling About Us page is essential in drawing in customers to use your services and shun your competition. Here are some basic principles when endeavouring to write this descriptive page.


Answer the frequently asked questions

It helps to chat to your sales people and those in your customer service section. Ask them to list the ten most asked questions they receive from clients. Keep these on a notepad when you write your About Us page and state the answers to these questions (without actually writing down the question itself).

Clients will appreciate the openness of information and gravitate towards your company because you’ve told them something that they wanted to know.


List your services

Certain clients won’t want to read your whole description but rather scan through it briefly. For this type of person, you will need to include a short list of your main services and/or products. Write this in bullet point form so that a rushed person can spot it when glancing over your page.


Be conversational

But for the person who wants to discover a more in-depth summary of your company, you’ll need some nice, readable content for this page. Be conversational in your approach and avoid the following styles when writing your About Us page:

  • Being too ‘salesy’ – This will likely put the reader off instantly because no none likes having something hard-sold to them.
  • Too formal – Customers respond better to a page that’s casual in style as this generates trust.
  • Too braggy – Don’t blow your own trumpet too much. Rather adopt a style of professionalism that points out your strong points without getting too uppity about it.


Get an SEO expert

SEO writers who understand landing page and key word setups will be able to assist you with the content of your website. The About Us page should be full of relevant information for the customer, but also for the  search engine that will bring the customer to your site in the first place.


The About Us page is more important than you think, so don’t neglect it. Many a sale has been performed by this vital page before the client even got to the sales desk, so make it a good one!

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