Whatever happened to work ethic?

Whatever happened to work ethic?

All across the world—and especially in the international marketing industry—there seems to be a pervasive attitude dominating company-to-client service. This attitude is one of complacency, unreliability, dishonesty, and disregard for clients in general.


Is this a new phenomenon, or has it got its roots in another source? Let’s take a look at some of the evidences of this lack of work ethic and how you can find a company that treats you as if you matter.


Getting back to clients

A good indication of a company that lacks work ethic is when they don’t stick to the small promises!


Small things like not calling back when they say they are going to is enough to tell you a lot about the work ethic of a company. Providing constant feedback is becoming a rare trait in business today. The fact is: Not sticking to the small promises means they probably won’t stick to the big ones either!


When dealing with the company that’s got your online marketing in their hands, make sure they are reliable enough to stick to their commitments—EVEN THE SMALL ONES!


Being honest and building trust

Catching a company lie once will set the stage for more dishonesty down the road!


Don’t overlook ANY hint of dishonesty you experience from a company. A company that has ANYTHING to hide is NOT a company you want to deal with.


Especially in the field of online marketing, it’s imperative to have open and honest dealings with the company you choose. After all, your reputation is in their hands.


Ensuring full qualifications to do the work

Not everyone has the qualifications tod o what they say they can do!


Clients take it for granted that the company they are dealing with is able to professionally handle their order. But this is no longer a given in today’s society.


When dealing with a marketing or SEO company, make sure they show you their qualifications. Take note that a proper qualification is different to a 3 day course. Make sure they REALLY know what they’re doing with your name and reputation.


Unreasonable pricing

If a company is trying to rip you off, that’s not always a sign of quality!


Never be afraid to ask your marketing company for a breakdown of their costs. When something looks exorbitant, you should feel comfortable to enquire about it freely.


Treating the client like a client—not an irritation

A business that rolls its eyes at your requests, will NEVER take you seriously!


Whatever happened to “The Customer is King”? Sure, some customers have taken that principle too far and thoroughly abused it, but that doesn’t mean that YOU should suffer for it.


Make sure you are being treated like the company actually WANTS your business.


If you’re not receiving the kind of service as discussed above, don’t be complacent about it. Call around and find someone else who actually cares about the reputation of your company as well as their own.

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