Video Services

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The technological age is constantly evolving and we, at Digital Direct, are always developing right alongside it. We are able to transfer all your home movies onto DVD, providing a safe place for your memories to be re-lived. We are also able to provide a full editing service whether for PC or MAC, and are able to bring your ideas to life.

With our in-house services, as well as our highly specialised and talented team, we will present you with the best products available on the market. As the technological age grows and digital printing and digital media flourishes, so do we, at Digital Direct, South Africa.

Our video services include:

camcorder-videos-to-dvdHome movies to DVD

Your collections of special memories grow with every year. As each occasion passes your library of special memories become more and more priceless. But are they timeless?


dvd-authoringDVD Authoring

f you’re having trouble getting your DVD content together, Digital Direct will happily take on the task. With our state of the art authoring software, nothing is too difficult for our video technicians to tackle, making sure that you get the complete finished product you envisioned when you started your project.


cinema-display-mac-mini-icon_0Video Editing

Whether it’s for PC or MAC, ask us about our video editing. If you are looking for a stylish presentation to WOW your clients with, we know how to deliver your vision.