How to transition from advertising to SEO in 5 steps

How to transition from advertising to SEO in 5 steps

Well done on coming to the conclusion that SEO is the best and cheapest way to market your company. Now it’s time to take those initial steps in implementing all of the SEO strategies you’ve learnt about.


But what about that massive budget that’s still allocated to your conventional advertising methods? What should rightfully become of those funds?


Step 1 – Find the right partner

The first and most important step to changing over to SEO is to find a reliable SEO company that understands your industry type. The partner you choose should be proficient in the following SEO strategies:

  • Web development and design
  • Copywriting new content for the website
  • Remote landing page creation and monitoring (not valid for all industries)
  • PPC (AdWords) campaigns
  • Social media marketing


Step 2 – Little by little

There’s no reason to stop all your old advertising methods dead in their tracks and allocate all those funds to SEO. Instead, reallocate a small amount at a time so that the transition is smooth. This also makes it easier for you to monitor your progress and compare old methods with new ones.


Step 3 – The 6 month rule

As a means to generate quick leads, it’s fine to activate a small AdWords campaign from the get go. However, you must spend at least six months building up your organic SEO before allocating a huge budget to any Pay Per Click methods.

Let your AdWords budget grow according to the development of your organic SEO, or you may end up wasting money on clicks that don’t go anywhere.


Step 4 – Monitoring your audience

A good SEO consultant will give you insight into the way your users interact with your website. This is best done by creating and tweaking various landing page campaigns in order to gauge what methods generate user interaction above others.


Step 5 – Keep ROI records

Whether you utilized pamphlet handouts, advertisements on billboards, or radio and television to get your brand recognized; make sure you and your SEO consultant are keeping careful records of the success of your new methods.

If a strategy is costing less and bringing in more results, it’s time to reallocate more funds to that project in order to bring in more sales!

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