Take that leap and learn about SEO

Take that leap and learn about SEO

Are you still sceptical of the hype that SEO is causing in the marketing world? We’re not going to ask you to take a leap of faith and just believe us—well, that is, not until you’ve read some of the benefits SEO can bring you.


  1. Targeted marketing VS Mass marketing

Let’s focus in on that three-letter acronym “ROI”. Return on investment is the percentage of sales your obtain from the cost of your advertising. Obviously, the less your marketing costs, the better—but only if you’re getting a good return on investment for what you have spent.


Mass marketing is done via the following ways:

  • Billboards
  • TV Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Handing out pamphlets
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Cold calling


EEEEEK! No wonder the world of sales has such a sleazy name. People hate being bombarded with advertising on every turn.


 SEO is very different. People search you out instead of you hunting for them. You put out information about your industry and people respond with trust and continual business.


  1. You may not trust Google, but everyone else does

The name Google establishes trust in the minds of people all over the world. A generation of technology buffs are systematically entering the workplace and they are the ones with the money!


In order to target this audience, you have to have an online presence. Failure to do so will leave you competitively outnumbered.


SEO—simply put—is establishing an online presence and reputation for your company. Once you’re visible, people will have the option to do business with you.


  1. Growth isn’t something to be scared of—But shutting down is!

I’ve heard business owners actually use this objection during a sale: “But what if I get too busy? How will I handle all the business?”


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t expand. In fact, failure to grow your business may very well result in having no business at all! An industry leader who isn’t adapting to the changing trends on a continual basis, will eventually end up extinct.


  1. Who doesn’t want better results for less money?

This comes back down to ROI again. Less money for more clients? Are you kidding? What more could you want? If you still haven’t got yourself an online presence, make sure you fix that FAST!


The amount of online shoppers is growing every day. Isn’t it time you tapped into that market? It’s easier than you think. Talk to an SEO consultant today and find out what steps you can take to get yourself positioned in this lucrative world of marketing.

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