6 01, 2015

From CD factory to SEO firm: A real life success story

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Believe it or not, Digital Direct wasn't always an accomplished online marketing company. We actually have very humble beginnings—and every part of the journey has played a part in growing us to where we are today. So for those who have been asking about when and how we started, here’s [...]

25 11, 2014

How to get the type of clients you want

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Many experts find themselves in an industry where they are forced to provide products and services they dislike. The reason for disliking your product may be because of inconvenience, the type of client, or simply because it’s too much work for too little money.   Here’s how you can change [...]

3 11, 2014

Why marketing firms become SEO consultants and why they fail

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Not hiring the right person for the job The other day I was Googling for safari game parks in South Africa. I was impressed to find that three game parks were advertising on Google AdWords. I clicked on all three to compare them with each other.   What I found [...]

22 10, 2014

How a baking shop taught me about web content

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Last week we asked the question: What’s the difference between SEO and content marketing. We came to the conclusion that both we closely intertwined and equally important.   Today, we’ll be exploring the inner workings of online content and its place in SEO.   Content for website pages – My [...]

20 10, 2014

Visual website optimization for furniture shops

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There are a number of mistakes made by furniture companies who don’t take into account the search criteria for their website. These mistakes will often lead to back-clicks resulting in a loss of leads—and ultimately sales.   So what mistakes should you be looking out for if you’re in the [...]