What is SEO?


SEO definition

Search Engine Optimization known commonly as SEO is an ongoing process that increases a company’s visibility on search engines.


Google has a set of mathematical algorithms that crawl web pages in order to index them in terms of relevance, accuracy, interest, and location. SEO services aim to design and organise clients’ online presence in order to get Google and other search engines to place them higher on search lists.


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So in short, what is SEO? It is an all-encompassing online marketing strategy for companies who have come to realize that they cannot survive without a strong internet presence.


What is information technology and how can it benefit my company?

IT—or information technology—refers to anything that has to do with computers, the internet, and everything in between. As mentioned above, clients have come to the realization that they NEED to be visible on the internet in order to keep up with current trends and their competitors. The IT industry, in the form of search engine optimisation, will help clients get noticed; ultimately reducing their advertising costs, and increasing their profits.


What can be done to improve my SEO?

Digital Direct has been in the marketing industry for over 15 years. What started out as a branding company, soon developed into a fully-fledged online marketing solutions firm. We are information-driven and highly service orientated. Our skilled team includes the brightest web developers, designers, and copywriters in the world of SEO South Africa.


Armed with the skills and passion needed to make headway in this industry, Digital Direct are proud to partner with companies that share our vision for the world of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Local and international companies will greatly benefit from our veteran experience in the online reputation industry.


What does my website have to do with SEO?SEO

The fact is that ALL of your online presence has to do with SEO. Your website, your social media accounts, your company blogs, and especially your advertising. It’s a lot of work managing all these aspects, which is where Digital Direct comes in to assist. SEO companies have integrated systems that analyze and improve the individual online marketing of businesses.


Hand your company’s online reputation over to us and watch your business steadily transform into an internet powerhouse. We possess all the SEO tools you need and our arsenal is constantly being filled up with more.


For the best SEO Cape Town, London or New York can offer, contact us now and we will be happy to send you lots of free resources to get you started.