SEO for insurance companies

SEO for insurance companies

The insurance industry is highly competitive and many marketing means are currently utilized to advertise to the masses. Besides AdWords, insurance companies also need to step up their online presence if they wish to survive the competitive climate they operate in.


  1. Flooding the web

First things first! You want search engines to successfully pick you up as an authority in your field. An aggressively proactive approach needs to be taken in order to achieve this better than your competitors.


What to do: Highly informative articles, fully furnished with links to your company and carefully chosen keywords, must be written on an ongoing, weekly basis. These articles then need to be posted all over onto relevant websites where they can be indexed by Google and subsequently stumbled upon by potential clients. Just make sure you do it right!


  1. User interaction

Your insurance company’s site needs to be tweaked to accommodate the user. If your site isn’t user friendly, the content you create will not deliver the punch it’s supposed to!


What to do: Monitor the user interaction on your site. Which pages are users looking for? Are they finding what they need? Is it easy and quick to request a quote or get policy information? These and other questions are essential to keeping your users happy enough to buy.


  1. Appealing to different demographics

How can you make one website appeal to various types of customers? Everyone is different in terms of age, gender, career, and economic status. Your site therefore needs to accommodate all of these demographics.


What to do: Create multiple remote landing pages—each one dedicated to the demographic you are appealing to. These landing pages can still hold to the theme of your website and can also be tweaked where necessary in order to hold more appeal in each case.


Some other ideas

  • Make sure you add lots of policy package variety for your customers. Since everyone is different, try to appeal to many different needs and bear in mind economic variables.
  • Add lots of calculators on your site. Clients appreciate working out their budgets and monthly payment abilities. Add more than the usual calculators, but use ones that offer a variety of uses. These can be indexed on search engines, directing more people to your site than those of your competitors.
  • Add lots of dedicated pages to your site. Instead of flooding any one page with loads of information, let the user choose where to go and what to read.
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