SEO for garden services

SEO for garden services

This morning I started looking around for a garden service to help keep things a bit neater at home. To be honest, the search process was a bit frustrating. So, being an SEO expert, I decided to write about ways in which the industry could improve their visibility and user friendliness.


Know your search terms

The first thing I did was run to my computer (not the Yellow Pages) and open up my Google page. The search term I decided on was “garden services Randburg” which is a common term used among South Africans.


While doing this, I realized that there are probably many South African companies missing out on this keyword because of a lack of variation in their content. Others may search for terms like:

  • Garden maintenance company
  • Landscaping services
  • Maintain my garden in South Africa

If these terms aren’t in the company’s website content, they won’t even rank on the first five pages of Google, thereby missing out on so much business.


Be location specific

So as you can see, I Googled for garden services in Randburg (because that’s the general area I live in). This is where I started getting quite frustrated. The first three results that came up were NOT location specific to Randburg.


Bear in mind that these were not organic search results. They were pay per click results! That means that the irrelevant companies I clicked on, still paid for business that they are never going to get.


This is of course a result of bad AdWords management by either the company itself, or the AdWords managers that are ripping them off.


Include pictures and associated testimonials

While all of the sites I visited had pictures and testimonials, I feel it would have had more of an impact on me if the two were associated with each other. Reading a testimonial WITH a picture of the garden being praised is an excellent way to generate trust—and eventual sales.


What! No blog?

One thing I couldn’t understand was why there were no blogs on these websites. Immediately my mind was teeming with ideas:

  • 4 tricks in keeping your garden neat and tidy
  • How to find a great garden service in South Africa
  • Garden services: A contrast between summer and winter

So many ways to draw clients to these sites and thereby minimize their AdWords costs.


In conclusion, what I discovered was that the market for decent SEO service in South Africa is huge. I haven’t yet found the perfect garden service for my home, but I’ll keep looking.

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