Prove you love your business with YouTube

Prove you love your business with YouTube

Blogging isn’t the only way to offer valuable information to your clients and build trust. Millions of internet users turn to video tutorials for their information on a daily basis. That means that if you’re not on YouTube, you’re likely to lose out on a huge chunk of clientele.


Videos often trump written content

While many users do search for articles, the younger demographic is more likely to hunt for video information. YouTube is famous for containing free videos on just about anything.




So how can this benefit an industry?

  • Students turn to YouTube for tutorials on how to write their assignments and essays.
  • Gym fanatics will look for workout videos that they can mimic at home.
  • Vegetable gardeners look for direction on how to grow certain types of veggies at home.


Now, look at how this can turn into profit:

  • Video tutorials on how to write academic papers will likely be hosted by an online tutoring company.
  • A video that explains a new workout routine can be used by a nutritional supplement company to create brand awareness for their products.
  • A company that sells organic fertilizers and pesticides could utilize a gardening tutorial to build trust and sell their products.


You see, younger users who are looking for advice on how to do something usually flock to YouTube because they require the practical (video) info rather than the theoretical version (article).


What are the benefits of being on YouTube?

  • Reach a larger audience by appealing to those who prefer to watch rather than to read.
  • Create fun-to-watch videos that create brand awareness when they go viral.
  • Become an authoritative expert in your field and make your expertise known to all.
  • Generate trust with your audience. Face to face communication is much more personal than written content.
  • Refer your audience from your blogs to your videos and vice versa.
  • Creating videos is a very cheap method of online advertising that will have a huge return if done professionally.


Take a look at your own business and ask yourself how video can up your online marketing. You may be blogging; you may be on social media; but now take your business to the next level and use YouTube to your advantage too! It’s an extra chunk of sales you never even knew existed.

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