Why marketing firms become SEO consultants and why they fail

Why marketing firms become SEO consultants and why they fail

Not hiring the right person for the job

The other day I was Googling for safari game parks in South Africa. I was impressed to find that three game parks were advertising on Google AdWords. I clicked on all three to compare them with each other.


What I found really made me angry!


Two of the three safari websites were almost unreadable, the content was so badly written! The sites were not user friendly at all and there were almost no pictures!


That experience was a testimony to me that there are AdWords managers out there who are duping their clients into thinking that AdWords is enough—WHICH IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! The fact is, I couldn’t backtrack from those sites quickly enough—but be sure, they still paid for my click.


This is just a phase—or so we hope

All industries go through this phase at some point or another. There are always those dubious chancers who think it’s easy to enter an industry without putting in any of the hard work decent company owners do.


I’ve seen this to be true in the marketing industry.


The fact is: Not every marketing firm is automatically an AdWords manager or an SEO consultant!


Google has your back

Did you know that Google now wants to start an initiative that protects SEO company clients? If the company you use is a Google Partner, and you’re not happy with how they are delivering, you can complain directly to Google; no matter what country you are in.


After an investigation, Google will remove that company’s Google Partner status if they are found to be dishonest or unprofessional in any way.


How to be sure

Make sure the company you hire to do your AdWords and SEO is fully qualified for the task. Ask for the following:

  • Are they a registered Google Partner?
  • Where did they obtain their SEO qualification (Make sure it’s at an institution that is internationally recognised)
  • How many clients do they have?
  • Do they have international clients?


If any of these are not up to scratch, look somewhere else.

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