Interview with an SEO expert

Interview with an SEO expert

Someone who eats, sleeps and breathes SEO seven days a week is Lazlo le Roux of Digital Direct. I managed to stop him in between his busy day and ask him a few questions about the industry. Here’s what he had to say.


  1. What would you say is the biggest challenge within the world of online marketing today?

To get it right! The biggest problem we face in South Africa is the poor quality of online marketing managers, SEO specialist & PPC managers.


Almost everyone can do online marketing, but not everyone can get it right. In most cases they end up messing it up for people like us to fix it. Fixing other people’s mistakes can sometimes take months.


When you’re looking for an online marketer, make sure they can show you some type of qualification in online marketing.


  1. What is offered by Digital Direct that is unique from your competitors?

We put a lot of time into research, making sure that the strategy we take is the right one, and of course we A/B test our strategies.


When it comes to PPC management we are light years ahead of our competitors as we spend a great time on researching keywords, writing good ad copy, and last but not the least, we build landing pages for our ad campaigns. The latter is the one strategy almost 99% of PPC Managers neglect and in my opinion it’s the most important.


  1. What other forms of marketing techniques should best accompany SEO?


  1. What role does social media play in SEO?

In today’s business environment you cannot afford NOT to make use of social media marketing. It plays a massive role in brand awareness and you have the option of more targeted marketing as you can choose the market you want to target.


  1. So many different social media platforms! Which ones do you utilize for your clients and why?

Facebook is probably our biggest social media platform and just the sheer number of people using this platform makes it a great medium to drive our content out on. Targeted advertising is a great advantage to any marketer and it keeps the budget intact.


LinkedIn is our second most popular social marketing medium as this gives us the opportunity to target business professionals. People on this platform are in the business of networking with others which is great for exposure.


Twitter would be our third most popular medium and much like Facebook it has a huge number of users and it is a growing trend here in South Africa among the younger generation.


Pinterest is fast growing into a great social media platform and is a huge success with woman as they make up the majority of the users. If you have a very visually stimulating product or business then Pinterest has to form part of your marketing campaign.

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