Internet videos – What’s next? Video streaming!

Internet videos – What’s next? Video streaming!

Did you know that there are currently PCs, Macs and laptops in production that do not contain disc drives in them? With the advent of USB flash discs, downloadable music websites and digital movie databases, the once hailed CD and DVD are slowly becoming more of an advertising pruduct than an entertainment or educational one.

But there’s a new player on the scene that’s growing in popularity at a daily rate which has slowly started to replace this outdated medium:

Video streaming – The next frontier in online audio and visual

Watching videos online isn’t new to us. However, being able to host your own videos on your own website is a concept that has far-reaching implications to your profit margins. Imagine being able to keep an archive of your video footage on your website and then having the means to sell those videos to your clients.

If you’re in the business of selling expert information, consultation advice or abstract methodology, then you’re in the market for monetizing videos to the public.

How to monetize your videos

Setting up pay gates and forcing people to pay you before they can view your videos is a challenge of the past. Video streaming technology is now available to business owners who want to give easy access to their customers without all the hassles.

The system works in such a way that the video cannot be viewed or downloaded without rendering the asked-for fee first. Once the client has paid, there’s no complicated “Wait two hours for a link to be emailed to you” which ends up taking the client to another website. Rather, the video remains on your site, and the paying client can view it at any time.

Corporate use – Maintain your video rights

It’s easy enough to post your videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, but once you do so, your video becomes the property of the site that hosts it. Hosting your video from your own website is the only way to retain the rights to your material.

Time and money

Because the manufacturing aspect is cut out of this method of video distribution, the time it takes to make these videos available is severely reduced. Producing a series of DVDs, packaging them and distributing them, also costs a significant amount of money. Making them available on your website is a much more convenient method to keep your clients happy and your overheads at a bare minimum.

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