What if the internet shut down?

What if the internet shut down?

Eeeeek! How would a temporary or permanent shutdown of the internet affect your life and career? Here’s a hypothetical look at what would happen if humans were without the internet for an entire month!


The upside


People would take literacy more seriously

Yes, that’s right. No internet means no smart phones, no email, No Skype, no Whatsapp, no chat rooms… NOTHING! You’d have to go back to speaking on the telephone, writing letters and posting them, and—wait for it—send urgent messages via telegrams!


People would learn face to face social skills

Ok, so instead of telling someone about your lunch on Facebook, you’d have to wait until you actually saw them on the weekend. You would be all like, “Hey Greg, you should’ve seen the super awesome sandwich I had for lunch on Tuesday. It was epic bro!”


OK, so perhaps you’d forget about your epic sandwich and have a slightly more meaningful conversation with your friend—to catch up; since you haven’t heard from him all week; and you miss him, right?


More power!

The internet is the direct result of 400 000 000 000 000 watts of energy being used every year. That’s enough electricity to power 2 billion microwaves! We have to ask ourselves whether we’d have less power cuts if the internet shut down for a month.


The downside


Joblessness would reach an all time high

Companies that rely on the internet are in the thousands, but those massive corporations that are directly dependant on internet buying would suffer the most.


Amazon, eBay, and other huge online corporations would not be able to generate funds for the whole month the internet was down, resulting in certain joblessness for thousands.


Not to mention the millions of people relying on online marketing! For many, a pay check is dependent on clicks. No clicks, no money!



No internet means a large damper on getting quick information. If you wanted to know something urgently (or just because you’re trying to win an argument with your wife) you wouldn’t have the option to Google the answer.


You’d have to phone an expert, visit the library, and even then, the answer wouldn’t be a guarantee. How frustrating would that be?


Finding a place to buy something

Back to the phonebook; back to asking your friend where she hired that jumping castle for her kid’s party three years ago; back to spending hours on the phone before finding the right company. We would lose the specificity of our searches because we would only be able to explore one option at a time. Our buying options would reduce considerably!


So, what would YOU do if the internet shut down?

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