How to get the type of clients you want

How to get the type of clients you want

Many experts find themselves in an industry where they are forced to provide products and services they dislike. The reason for disliking your product may be because of inconvenience, the type of client, or simply because it’s too much work for too little money.


Here’s how you can change your business model to suit your own tastes.


Targeting your preferred demographic

It’s very likely that the product or service you want to punt will appeal to a certain demographic within your market. That’s why your main objective should be to target that demographic. But how?


The only way you will know how to target the demographic you want is by understanding the methods of targeting that are out there. Social media, online marketing methods, and visual stimulation are all means by which you can draw your desired market in.


Focusing on the core of your business

Let’s be honest: That service you provide may not be fun, but it does make up a substantial amount of your profit. Cutting it out may seem scary, so what’s the alternative?


Fill your time, staff allocation, and marketing with the core of your business (the one you want to focus on the most). Make sure your time is taken up by it, leaving you very little time to work on the other.


Slowly but surely you will find your business transform into a company that does more of what you love, and less of what annoys you. Gradually, those clients who recognize you as a supplier of what you want to avoid, will start looking elsewhere. In the meantime, you don’t lose revenue. Why? Because you’re too busy getting the kind of business you want.


How to market your services

The great thing about SEO is that it lets you target your audience, ensuring that only the clients you want come to you for business. So the main question is: What methods can be used to target your specific demographic? Here are some suggestions:


  • Facebook used to be aimed at teenagers, but if you’ve stayed up to date with social media news, you know that Facebook has become more of a 35+ platform—and not suitable for business contacts.
  • LinkedIn is more geared towards making business connections and encouraging B2B interaction.
  • YouTube is a great place to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Putting up little titbits of advice can wet people’s appetites and get them buying.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are geared towards teenagers.
  • Blogging can be divided into different types. Some are long articles that well-read individuals will relish, while others are short and snappy for the person who’s just browsing for general information.

Using pictures on your website is also appropriate for some demographics, but not all. It’s important to identify the difference.

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