How to find a reliable disc manufacturer

How to find a reliable disc manufacturer

When disc manufacturing started becoming popular in the late nineties, business owners began to realize the marketing potential thereof. CD and DVD replication was a booming industry, and as with all corporate novelties, many unscrupulous vendors started entering the market hoping to make easy money.

Since then, finding reliable disc printing and replication services have been a trial for clients. Many have been burned and swindled by the promise of low prices and quick turnaround times. So how does one filter the good, honest companies from the bad?

It’s all about reputation

Only consider dealing with companies that are trade veterans. This industry was young once, and for South Africa, only few entrepreneurs were able to secure a solid foothold back then. They established their companies by taking risks, laying out money on expensive equipment and dedicating themselves to superior customer satisfaction.


The companies that have been successful in weathering the storm throughout economic upheaval are the ones that prove passionate enough to stay alive. You’ll want to do business with a company that’s not just in it for the money, but here for the long run. Small time backyard printers and duplicators spring up all the time, and though they manage to take away some of the business from more stable companies, they often fold quickly for lack of dedication to quality.

You get what you pay for

Many unsuspecting clients make the mistake of shopping for price only. Small, dubious vendors promise the same service for a cheaper price, only to disappoint with sub-standard disc quality, messy printing and no after-sales-service. Don’t let this happen to you. Find a company that sources internationally acceptable discs and has a track record of fixing artwork problems for their past clients.

Moving forward

You know you’ve gotten hold of a good company when you notice their innovation. Finding new methods to provide solutions for your business should always be on the forefront of every disc manufacturer’s mind. When disc companies indicate that they’re thinking up new ways to retain your business, it’s a sign that they hold your loyalty in high regard.

Be aware of these factors the next time you opt to deal with a disc manufacturer. Your product represents you to your own clients, so make sure you deal with someone that’s one step ahead at all times.

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