Fact or fiction: 7 Truths about AdWords

Fact or fiction: 7 Truths about AdWords

By now, you’ve probably done a bit of research about the importance of AdWords and found out how it can benefit you. In this blog, we’d like to enforce your perception on the importance of AdWords; but at the same time, alert you to some of the misconceptions you may have picked up along the way.


Facts about AdWords

  1. A properly constructed AdWords campaign can and should replace other advertising methods

FACT: AdWords hasn’t wasted any time proving its effectiveness. Other methods of advertising are quickly becoming obsolete because the way consumers shop is predominantly via online methods.


If you’re still throwing money at handing out pamphlets, or printing billboards, consider allocating that budget to a decent AdWords campaign. Test the results of the campaign and decide for yourself which method works the best.


  1. You don’t need to keep bidding for the top position on Google’s list to get noticed

FACT: Let’s get one thing straight – There are two types of AdWords managers out there:


The first category knows how to lower the cost per click while optimizing visibility. The second category is simply an AdWords manager who gets paid to manage your AdWords without an in-depth understanding of how general SEO works.


Make sure you choose the right one to manage your AdWords campaign!


  1. Your AdWords campaign will be more effectual if it is linked to a dedicated landing page

FACT: Many business owners who run their own AdWords campaigns link that campaign to a website home page. This is a HUGE mistake.


Dedicated landing pages can be easily created and linked to specific AdWords campaigns. These landing pages can be created as part of your website, or as a remote page which directs users exactly where you want them to go.


Find out more about landing pages HERE!


  1. Your online advertising efforts will prove useless unless you highlight your location

FACT: This one is especially important for location based companies. Whether you’re a plumber or a furniture supplier, make sure you are appealing to the right area.


Failing to do this will waste your clicks on clients who will be unwilling to order your product or hire your services because you are simply too far away.


Misconceptions about AdWords

  1. AdWords is expensive

The price of an AdWords campaign is relative to the following options:

  • How much you want to spend
  • How well your site is already optimized
  • What demographic you are targeting
  • How many of your site visits are actually generating decent leads


Speak to an AdWords manager who knows a lot about SEO. Using organic optimization strategies in conjunction with your AdWords will lower the price significantly.


  1. AdWords could drain my credit card if I’m not careful

Who told you that? AdWords campaigns aren’t directly linked to your credit card or company account. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed.


Your campaign will always work on a budget. You set the budget and you remain in control of that budget at all times.


  1. AdWords is all I need to optimize my online visibility

This is a mistake! As we’ve seen in previous points, AdWords will prove pointless unless it is placed in line with SEO strategies. If you take one thing away from this blog, make sure you understand that AdWords must always work together with SEO in order to gain the best results.

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