What colours your emotion?

What colours your emotion?

what colours your emotionYou can never overestimate the importance of your company’s logo. The colour and shape it holds says more about your organization than you think. The fact that people’s emotions are inescapably triggered when they view colours, says a lot more about branding than what a lot of us realize.

But which colours invoke which emotions? More importantly, what is YOUR brand saying to customers about your business? Following trends from various popular brands, let’s explore the vivid messages that are conveyed by brand colour.


When you see Coco-Cola, Lays and Wimpy brands, you immediately associate them with trendy. It’s all about what’s young and happening. Red conveys a message that speaks boldly to those who are attracted to strong, vibrant messages.


Did you just made your logo green because you liked the colour? Think again. Green speaks of health, nature and calmness. BP successfully gives us the impression that their fuel is more eco-friendly than their competitors’.

Companies who want to blast out a strong, loud message should stay away from this one. However, if your brand intends on depicting an organic lifestyle or healthy living, then it’s the perfect colour to represent you.


If you want to convey a message of reliability and strength, you logo should incorporate lots of blue in it. Blue is also often used for social media brands as it delivers a feeling of the trust that’s associated with social interaction. If you are an open communicator and want to put this across to clients, then blue is perfect for your brand.


Orange is all about fun and friends. Your surf shop or party planning business would benefit from a nice orange logo. Think of Fanta, Nickelodeon and Harley Davidson. These are all about recreation and good times.


Pink, purple and magenta convey creative vision and inventiveness. If you want your clients to see that your company is proficient in coming up with great ideas that can benefit them, your logo should be crafted out of this colour.

Barbie’s logo may be pink because it’s feminine, but this brand is also well known for its diverse selections in creativity and style.


Warm and positive, if your logo is yellow, your clients will get a sense of honesty from dealing with you. Clients who are careful to search out the best deal will gravitate to this colour because they feel that you are open and clear in your communication. Tyre companies, photography brands and couriers prefer yellow for their logos.


Black, white, grey and silver are neutral colours that send out a neutral message. If you want to come across as balanced, serene and composed, your line of clients may appreciate you for it. The objectivity of these colours will say that you know what you’re doing, and plenty of options are not necessitated by your clients.


SA television giant Multichoice boasts most of the colours we’ve mentioned here. This is because they offer diversity. A multicoloured logo—like Google or Ebay—show clients that they have multiple options when dealing with this company.

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