From CD factory to SEO firm: A real life success story

From CD factory to SEO firm: A real life success story

Believe it or not, Digital Direct wasn’t always an accomplished online marketing company. We actually have very humble beginnings—and every part of the journey has played a part in growing us to where we are today. So for those who have been asking about when and how we started, here’s a brief history.


The CD industry at its peak

In 2002, Digital Direct owner, Lazlo le Roux, saw a gap in the CD and DVD industry and grabbed it with both hands. He saw an opportunity to use media as a means of marketing. Advertising agencies and marketing firms flocked to our company doors for the quality, service, and versatility of disc production and design.


A talent for visual stimulation

It wasn’t long before Lazlo realized that advertising means nothing without good visuals. He taught himself basic design programs and used his skills to design compelling artwork for clients. This showcase of innovation and creativity had clients flocking back for more and more.


An obsolete product

But by the time the internet flourished with free music, free videos, and better means of carrying data; the demand for the humble CD and DVD started to dissipate. The time came to start rethinking the purpose of Digital Direct: Were we a production company, or a marketing solutions company?


A difficult decision

Transitioning from the manufacturing game into an internet business was no easy task. The transformation cost many long-standing employees their jobs. Large, expensive machinery also needed to be sold. But the biggest transforming factor was education.


A deep understanding of the marketing world

Lazlo and his remaining staff were determined to make the best out of a seemingly bad situation. Getting educated about the new, effective forms of marketing was urgently placed on the agenda. The transition was starting to look more like a blessing in disguise! Within a period of two years, Digital Direct turned from a team of production managers and sales people, into a team of copywriters, SEO consultants, and social media experts.


How you can benefit

The rest is history. As you can see by looking at our website, we still dabble a bit in production. It’s our way of catering to an industry where very few companies can meet the mark of quality consumers are accustomed to.

However our main focus is on internet marketing. It’s become our passion and we relish the privilege of being able to grow with SEO and online reputation management as an industry. We encourage our clients to understand where we’ve come from in order to see clearly where we’re headed.


Marketing will always be our story; our legacy.

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