cd - dvd replication

High quality DVD & CD Replication

Getting your software, music or marketing material mass produced is all about quality. You want the assurance that it’s done correctly and on time. High quantity CD & DVD replication should always be done by a company with the means to deliver a high standard product on a set deadline. With the appearance and disappearance of so much dubious DVD & CD replication services in Johannesburg alone, clients can have a tough time finding the best.

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Printing experts in DVD & CD Replication

Disc printing is a very specialised process that entails the perfect balance between CMYK colours. The owner of Digital Direct started as the company’s printer over 15 years ago. He is still involved in the process today, ensuring complete perfection on every print.

Digital Direct offers three types of printing:

–          Digital printing (also known as inkjet printing)

–          Screen printing (for larger quantities)

–          Offset printing (which is often used for music CD replication and software CDs)


What is Replication?


The print that best suits your order can be determined by the quantity, purpose and deadline of your job.


Marketing and advertising through DVD and CD printing

The advertising industry in South Africa often uses CD replication for promotional purposes. Companies who attend marketing events, trade shows and expos benefit greatly from handing out discs instead of pamphlets. Catalogues are conveniently held within a CD for easy and regular use by clients.



“I want it done yesterday!” is a common phrase we hear at Digital Direct. It’s typically the case in the dvd & cd replication industry that deadlines are tight and tensions high. Because so much of our work is for the advertising industry, quick work is usually required. If your order is rushed, you need a company with mass production capabilities. Digital Direct possesses the means to deliver large orders in record time. We’ve done it hundreds of times, so we’re used to being pressed for time.


Music cd replication Gauteng

At Digital Direct, we pride ourselves in providing local and international record labels with fully packaged retail music products. Chances are you’ve seen some of our work in music stores across the African continent. Our clients return to us over and over again because of the quick and efficient service we deliver

Once trust is established in the CD replication industry, there’s always repeat business. This may explain why we’ve been in this industry for over 15 years.

Have your CD printing and CD replication done by the experts and receive an end product that boasts the highest standard offered in South Africa.