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Digital Direct offers a variety of CD media production solutions. Whatever CD service you require, we have the cost-effective product for you and your business.


cd-duplication_0CD & DVD Duplication

Digital Direct provides a CD Duplication service that you can count on. CD Duplication refers to the ‘burning’ or ‘duplication’ of your specific content onto an already existing blank CD. This service is usually utilised by clients who are looking for a quick turnaround or require a lower volume of CD’s.


cd-replicationCD & DVD Replication

This is a more complicated method of putting content onto a disc. As opposed to CD & DVD duplication, which uses the ‘burning’ method, CD & DVD Replication is highly specialised. This technique builds you a disc from scratch. Your content will be specially ‘moulded’ onto the surface of this new disc.


printed-blank-cd-rPrinted Blank CD & DVD

Our cost-effective and efficient Printed Blank CD┬áservice will deliver a professional blank CD-R that will be ready for burning. All our CD-R’s are ‘grade A media.’ This means that they are scratch resistant as well as waterproof. Our turn around time for this service is usually 2-3 days.


subswara4-6pp-traypack-spot-gloss-silver-metallic-inkPrinted CD Packaging Solutions

We offer an assortment of printed packaging solutions. From classic packaging to highly creative packaging solutions, we are able to design the ideal package for you.


Examples of packaging solutions include:

  • DVD Case
  • Digipak
  • Custom Printed Wallets
  • Custom Printed Sleeves
  • Blu-ray Case
  • Software Box
  • Clam Shell
  • Sleeves and Envelopes