Is CD & DVD Marketing Outdated?

Is CD & DVD Marketing Outdated?

Alive and well

Far from being a dead horse, CD & DVD marketing is still a strong business in South Africa. Marketing companies are still punting this affordable option to their clients, which paints a healthy picture for the future of disc usage during the next few years.

Why is this medium of advertising still so popular among small businesses—of which there are so many in South Africa? Let’s look at a few of the benefits that disc marketing currently holds:



The Business Card hype is in such full swing, that people often loathe the inconvenience of having a stack of so many supplier cards for the sake of keeping contact details on hand.

Mini CD and DVD Business Cards are often preferred by small business owners for handing out to prospective clients. The reason for this is because of the tendency to NOT throw away something that is electronic, as opposed to something that is paper. Thus the client keeps the details for longer and doesn’t just chuck away ANOTHER worn out Business Card.


Timeless branding

In addition to the retention of a marketing disc, it’s a great way to keep your brand fresh in the mind of clients. Because the disc is printed with your custom logo and colour theme, clients get a perpetual reminder that your business is present.

Contact numbers, email addresses and website information are also available on the surface on the disc, and won’t wear away like a printed card would.


Expos and tradeshows

People who traipse the passages of tradeshows carry a bag of pamphlets, business cards, brochures and catalogues; only to throw most of that junk away when they get back to the office or home. When prospects get rid of the humdrum advertising they’ve been exposed to, they are less likely to chuck away something as presentable as a CD or DVD catalogue because of the novelty of such an item.


Expanded information

Whereas one 20-page catalogue can cost about R70.00 per unit (on a good day), a catalogue contained on a mini disc that costs about R12.00, will fit up to 1.4 GB of data, leaving lots of space for elaborate, colourful catalogues that span in the region of 300 pages. The value clients get from this type of advertising is way higher than wasting time and money on printing.


It’s no wonder disc marketing is still so prevalent in today’s advertising market.

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