6 10, 2014

A stronger emphasis on content – Google scraps search thumbnails

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Google has implemented some changes in its algorithm that may make you work a lot harder for your traffic. Your headings and search result content will have to be super catchy if you want them to be clicked on.   Where visual stimulation used to be a means to generate [...]

25 09, 2014

Prove you love your business with YouTube

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Blogging isn’t the only way to offer valuable information to your clients and build trust. Millions of internet users turn to video tutorials for their information on a daily basis. That means that if you’re not on YouTube, you’re likely to lose out on a huge chunk of clientele.   [...]

22 09, 2014

Fake Facebook LIKES: Why you should delete them!

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If you’ve ever done a LIKE campaign on your Facebook business profile, then LIKE farming has most likely infiltrated its way onto your page. While this used to be a welcome factor for businesses, it is now having negative effect on the Facebook ranking of your posts.   But why? [...]

17 09, 2014

SEO services for restaurants: 6 Ideas you can try right now

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  Each industry should take a different approach to their SEO. In the case of the food and beverage industry, there are some adventurous strategies laid out here you may not have heard of.   Keyword rich dish descriptions Most restaurant websites have their menu available online. Why not go [...]

15 09, 2014

Comparing your sales staff with your website

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Since online marketing is growing at such a speed, it makes sense for companies to implement the same strategies in their website that their sales people use in sales.   Watching the ways your successful sales people bring in the business is an excellent way to check the effectiveness of [...]

10 09, 2014

Pros and cons of using freelancers for your SEO

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There is a plethora of freelance web developers, copywriters, bloggers, and designers out there. These individuals are experts at what they do and often charge less than full time SEO companies. Have you opted to use individual freelancers instead of an SEO consulting company for your many SEO tasks? While [...]

8 09, 2014

8 tips on how to create interesting Facebook content for your business

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 Running out of ideas for your Facebook content? Here are some ways to give your social media interaction a shot in the arm! Write for people, not for your company You need to add value to the information you’re posting for clients. This means that simply forcing ads in front [...]

3 09, 2014

How a landing page can make or break you

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When a client clicks on your AdWords campaign name and lands on your home page, how long do they stay? More importantly, are your AdWords being successfully targeted to your desired demographic? Now put yourself in your clients’ shoes and ask yourself how you would react to the layout of [...]

1 09, 2014

SEO services for building suppliers

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The building industry in South Africa has had its ups and downs, but is still one of the busiest industries in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.   Whether you’re a supplier of tiles, paint, building material, or tools, you too need to compete on an online level by having your [...]