Beware the SEO hypocrites

Beware the SEO hypocrites

SEO is a billion dollar industry which allows any company to select any SEO consultancy to handle their online marketing. So with so many SEO companies to choose from—both locally and abroad—how do you sift out the good from the bad?


Where to look

Let’s first look at where you are searching for an online marketing company. Most will search on Google and many may default automatically to a local company so that face to face interaction is easier.


However, you may decide to search for a company regardless of where they are. SEO is after all a web-based industry and everything can be done online.


An option you may consider is looking through Alltop’s blog archive. They have a list of SEO companies and a feed of each one’s latest blogs. But besides liking what you read, how do you know which one is the best?


Do your prospects practice what they preach?

When you read a blog, ask yourself if the company who wrote it is putting that advice into practice. For instance, a company that advised about regular blogging, should be blogging regularly; right?


On Alltop, you can see when last a company wrote their latest blog by hovering over it with your mouse cursor. If your prospect isn’t blogging at least twice a week, you certainly don’t want them on your marketing team.


Testing the waters on Google and Bing

How easy is it to find the company you’re considering? Imagine you didn’t know the name of the company and start searching for what they offer—and specifically what you’re looking for.


If their company name isn’t ranking high on Google or Bing, perhaps they’re not as good as they claim to be.


Check out their community

What about social media?

  • Are they on Facebook and other social media platforms that are relevant to your industry?
  • Are they interacting with their audience the way you would want your customers to perceive you?
  • Does the online community have a good knowledge about the industry, or are they confused and silent about the service?


These are important questions to ask when seeking out the right SEO consultancy for your business.


Existing clients – How are they doing?

By now you have pinned down a few options that you’re considering. It’s time now to contact the companies you’re considering and start a finer elimination process.


First note how easy it is to deal with the company. Are they open to your business and eager to take you on as a client?


If yes, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Ask them about some of their existing clients and how they are performing. If their current clients aren’t ranking well, what makes you think you will? If they hesitate to give you as much information as you ask for, chances are they are hiding something—avoid them!

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