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Digital Direct offers an array of BD or Blu-ray solutions for our clients. No matter what BD service you require, we have the service for you.

bd-duplicationBD Duplication

BD duplication (Blu-ray duplication) refers to the process of burning content onto an already existing blank BD-R disc. BD Duplication provides a quick solution and is used mostly by those looking for a lower volume of product.




bd-replicationBD Replication

BD or Blu-ray replication is the producing of Blu-ray discs from scratch. This process is created by a specialised machine. Your content will be ‘moulded’ onto the newly produced disc surface.




printed-blank-bd-rPrinted Blank BD-R

Our BD or Blu-ray printing services are unparalleled and we will give you an affordable and creative BD-R print solution. Our BD-R discs are ‘grade A’ discs and of the highest quality. These discs are waterproof and scratch resistant, making sure that our clients receive only the best products available.



Printed BD Packaging Solutions

Digital Direct provides the ultimate BD Packaging solution. We will create the ideal packaging for our clients, working hand in hand with them to design the package. Our Printed BD packaging solutions include:

Our packaging solutions include the following

  • CD Jewel Case
  • DVD Case
  • Digipak
  • Custom Printed Wallets
  • Custom Printed Sleeves
  • Blu-ray Case
  • Software Box
  • Clam Shell
  • Sleeves and Envelopes