How a baking shop taught me about web content

How a baking shop taught me about web content

Last week we asked the question: What’s the difference between SEO and content marketing. We came to the conclusion that both we closely intertwined and equally important.


Today, we’ll be exploring the inner workings of online content and its place in SEO.


Content for website pages – My first visit to the baking shop

A while back I noticed a baking shop nearby our offices. It had a really fancy sign with pictures and awesome font. I promised myself that I would pay them a visit some day, but just never got the chance. Months later, I made the time and took a walk over to their store.


That sign was beckoning me to enter! It was so awesome looking!


As I walked in, two things immediately struck me:

  • First, the shop was cold on the inside—much like you would expect a warehouse to feel. It didn’t look nearly as inviting on the inside as it did on the outside.
  • Second, the staff were horribly indifferent to my first visit. I greeted them, and got a gruff murmur in return. I didn’t feel welcome at all!


How website content affects your SEO: Your website works in much the same way. If you spend lots of money on your AdWords, and then lots of time on the look of your website, you may get a 10 second visit from a bunch of people—which means absolutely nothing!


It’s the CONTENT that keeps people on your website—not the decorations!


Your website content must contain gripping content that:

  • Makes users feel welcome
  • Answers questions
  • Keeps clients interested
  • Establishes trust
  • Provides the user what he or she searched for


Is your website content doing that?

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