7 Skills you need to be an SEO consultant

7 Skills you need to be an SEO consultant

  1. An understanding of best SEO practices and how these contrast with black hat tactics

Proper SEO consultants aren’t still wasting their time trying to trick Google into ranking their clients. However, they are fully engaged in creating content and building systems that appeal to their clients’ desired demographics.


  1. A willingness to grow with the industry as it evolves

SEO changes as often as Google releases new updates—which is fairly regularly. Staying up to date with these changes is fundamental to the success of any SEO campaign. Companies who think they know it all will inevitably fail with many—if not all—of their clients.


  1. Proper understanding of all popular social media platforms and which ones are appropriate for particular industry types

All social media is not created equal. An SEO consultant understands this and knows how to pair up company reputations with social platforms. Whether you’re large corporation or just a one-man operation, your consultant should know where to display your services.


  1. The knowledge of how to create a sales funnel and convert site visits into sales by using landing page techniques

If your SEO consultants aren’t using landing pages to convert traffic into sales, then you are missing out on one of the most important parts of online marketing. Understanding sales triggers, colour schemes, and calls to action are all part of the bigger sales picture.


  1. Diligence in market research for every client

Every client is different—even if two clients are in the same industry. Factors such as demographics, pricing, location and more; will play a part in search optimization. A good SEO consultant must be able to do on-the-spot, individual market research for every client who walks through the door.


  1. Patience and endurance when dealing with campaigns that don’t yield immediate results

An SEO consultant who gives up after not getting the desired results was never meant for this industry. It takes a lot of perseverance and problem solving to finally end up with a desirable result. A good consultant is curious about why something isn’t working and fixes it when he or she finally figures it out.


  1. A grasp on the importance of content and how it shapes SEO

If content is absent from your SEO consultant’s understanding, then it’s time to find another marketing firm. Just understanding AdWords or social media won’t mean a thing if those concepts aren’t integrated with proper, compelling, regular content creation.

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