7 Facts about landing pages that will impress your boss

7 Facts about landing pages that will impress your boss

Want to make a good impression? Your marketing manager will appreciate your initiative if you show what an expert you are in landing page requirements. Here are some absolute MUSTs that he or she has probably overlooked.


Take some of these strategies to your marketing manager and earn some brownie points. Wherever possible, offer to do the legwork yourself.


  1. First things first: A Home Page is NOT a landing page!

The biggest mistake you can point out to your boss is that the company AdWords is probably linked to the website home page. This grievous error will have clients clicking on the Google result, navigating them to the home page, and then hitting the ‘BACK’ button because they failed to find what they were looking for.


AdWords results should always navigate the user to a landing page that’s dedicated to the particular product he or she searched for.



  1. A remote landing page allows for more flexibility in tweaking and testing user interaction

A great suggestion to pose is that a landing page is created and made separate from the company website.


Your company’s marketing team will then be able to tweak things a lot easier, without having to call the IT department for help every time they do.


  1. Colour is important

Check the contrasts between fonts and backgrounds; call to action phrases and their respective box colours. These factors will play a large psychological role in determining whether clicks are converted to sales or not.


  1. Landing pages should be tweaked based on real time stats

Every action that happens on a landing page should be monitored and recorded. If your marketing manager isn’t doing this, they are losing out on helpful information that could win them more business.


  1. A landing page should be dedicated to each unique product and service your company offers

Having just ONE landing page is only good enough if your company is trying to sell ONE product. Bring it to your boss’ attention that clients are specific when they search for products or services on Google.


Having a landing page for each niche will show your clients that you are specialists in the field they are interested in.


  1. A compelling, trendy landing page can be created without the help of a web developer

Hundreds of landing page templates are at your company’s disposal. If they’re cringing at the work that’s involved, remind them that they can make custom landing pages without having to know any coding. It’s a simple process that takes a few short hours to complete.


  1. A good landing page is always clear about which direction it will take the user

If your company landing page isn’t clear about the direction it’s sending your users, make sure your boss is alerted to this.


Do some research on the sales funnel and show your marketing team how to transport users from one place to another.

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