6 Types of companies that should convert to video streaming right now!

6 Types of companies that should convert to video streaming right now!

We’ve already looked at the benefits that video streaming can bring to any business. But what companies are probably losing out by NOT having video streaming as their mode of publication? One would think that video streaming offers the same service to any company. Marketing, advertising, monetizing videos, copyrighting videos… Well, not exactly. Video streaming can actually work as a specialised medium for certain industries.

Read through the following list. If your company is one of these, then you need to switch to video streaming right now!

Fitness companies

There’s no better way to teach fitness than via video. Making up a new exercise routine with a bunch of still pictures has become so redundant. And if you already make videos, DVD production can set you back a pretty large sum of money.

Do you offer Pilates, Yoga, Weight Training, Pole Dancing or Spinning classes? Get videos up on your sight right NOW and show your clients that you know what you’re doing.

Education institutes

Whether you want to offer free lessons online, or charge students for you video material, you can do either via video streaming solutions. Accounting seminars, math tutoring or writing lessons; whatever skill you’re offering, it’s cheaper, easier and more effective to screen your videos directly from your website.


Does your church want to make sermons available on their website? Do you have members that are often unable to attend because of illness or old age? What better way to make life-enriching material available than by posting your weekly sermons online? Members of your church can access them on handheld devices without having to leave their homes.

Cooking, baking and health websites

If you aren’t offering free information on your website, people will be apprehensive to trust you enough to do business with you. In addition to blogging recipes for cakes, meals or health smoothies, what about SHOWING your users how to make them? You don’t have to give ALL your secrets away, but giving potential customers a taste of what you offer, will have them coming back for more in no time.

Game distributors

PC, Playstation, Wii, Xbox, and more! Game reviews that are written are all well and good, but what gamer wouldn’t want to SEE the game in action before buying it? Screen shots of a video game just don’t do the game play any justice. Record your gaming session and post it on your website next to the review or point of sale.

Speakers that offer seminars or conferences

Does your company offer a property investment strategy that is a sure winner? What about a holiday club that offers cheap rates to holiday goers? Whatever you offer, it can be a pain to get people gathered in a building to try and sell your concept.

Customers are much more comfortable viewing your pitch in the comfort of their own office chair. They are also more likely to take your service if it’s offered to them at a safe distance. Besides all of that, you as the speaker can reach thousands of potential buyers, instead of a measly 30, 50 or 100.

So what about you? Can you think of how video streaming can benefit your business?

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