5 Reasons your blog is not working

5 Reasons your blog is not working

You may have taken the initiative and started a corporate blog for your company. How’s that working out for you? Is it creating traffic for your website as intended, or are you failing to see results? Here are some of the reasons your blog is not doing what it was created for.


Your blog is not being written by a proper web writer

Blog writing is more specialized than what you think. People are more inclined to read a blog if it is structured in a certain way, is highlighted in some sections, and has catchy phrases that compel your audience to read all the way to the end.


Professional web writers (or corporate blog writers) know how to engage your audience and keep them hooked. These individuals are usually snapped up by SEO consultancies, or work as freelancers on international freelancing platforms.


Your headings are not catching that attention of your audience

A huge part of blogging is making sure the headings of your blogs successfully capture the attention of your readers.

Research shows (and you can test this for yourself) that blog headings that contain numbers, questions, or steps, are more likely to be clicked on and read—thereby driving traffic to your site.


This is best done by professional copywriters who understand the psychology of marketing.


You’ve lost sight of your purpose for corporate blogging

Ask yourself my you started your company blog in the first place. Was it to inform your current audience about your service or product? Was it to drive new customers to your site? Was it to get picked up by Google?

Whatever your initial purpose was, re-instate this purpose in your head and write you blogs with this purpose in mind. Doing so will give you the results you want.


Your blog is not consistent

Let’s assume you’ve done the right thing and registered your blog with blog feeds. Doing so will only give you results if you blog on a consistent level.

If you’re blogging twice a week, make sure those blogs are being written on the same days every week. If it’s once a month, keep the date in mind and make sure that you don’t fail to post your blog on that day.


This not only helps you get recognized by search engines and blog feeds, it also shows your audience that you are reliable with your advice.


You have failed to make your blog a search engine answer

How else will people find you if not through Google or Bing? If someone has a question about your industry, make sure you have an arsenal of blogs ready to answer their queries.

This will turn into profits quicker than you think because it builds trust and causes people to buy—which is the whole point, right?


Some extra advice – Be patient

Remember that a part of starting a corporate blog is being patient. Don’t expect results in a matter of days (although this is not unheard of). Keep it up, stay consistent, and keep your goals in mind. Before you know it, your sales will start rising and your blog will grow in popularity.

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