5 Elements your website cannot do without

5 Elements your website cannot do without

5-Elements-your-website-cannot-do-without_smallThe way you can tell the difference between an outdated website and one that’s contemporary is how it relates to its clients. The new form of selling is now digitally based and clients will buy from a company if there are elements of trust, relationship and accessibility. Here are five ways you can generate these elements on your company’s website.

Your website should generate answers, not more questions

Look at your website from a client’s point of view. What kind of questions would your clients ask? Speak to your receptionist and sales people and get a list of common questions being asked over email and phone. Once you know how your clients’ minds work, you can work on giving them the relevant information they need to purchase your product or service.

Consider adding an FAQ section on your landing pages with a list of questions pertinent to that particular product. You can also write your content in such a way that it explains your product or service according to the information your clients are wondering about.


Landing pages should show your product in action

If clients aren’t seeing your product or service in action on your website, they may not stay for very long. Pictures look nice, but they are often perceived as misleading or fake. Add an on-page video for your website demonstrating how your product functions, or simply show clients how your services can benefit them.

A call to action

Every page on your website should contain a prompt for customers to get a quote, call your company, or visit your offices. Incorporate these calls to action in convenient ways inside your content or on the side of each page. Once clients are convinced that they want to deal with you, they don’t want to search for your contact page. Make it accessible for quick conversion.

Be open and accessible when it comes to pricing

You may feel that putting pricing on your website will put you at a disadvantage with your competitors, but research has shown that clients are more likely to deal with a company that is open and honest about their costs. Set up some package specials and display them on your website. Your client will get an idea of your costs, and most likely end up buying more from you than what they had initially planned.

Gain trust with testimonials

Ask your current customers to send you some written feedback about your service and products. This will create lots of trust with potential clients because there’s someone else out there who has tested you out and come out smiling. People are more likely to use your services over those of a competitor if they can perceive a relationship building quality about you and your staff.

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